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Customers and employees expect their needs to be met wherever, whenever, and however they choose. You need actionable insight into how they feel about their experience with your business.

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Empower Your Customers to Engage with You on Their Terms

Verint Digital Feedback captures customer-initiated feedback via web and mobile channels throughout the digital customer journey, empowering you to make smarter, faster business decisions.

By enabling you to give your customers a voice about their customer experience (CX) on their terms, you can capture rich context regarding their feedback, and take real-time and targeted action. The result? Improvements to the consistency and quality of your CX that deliver measurable business impact.

Verint Digital Feedback can provide you with real-time insight to confidently make key strategic experience improvements, including:

  • Optimizing and/or redesigning your website
  • Delivering an optimal mobile experience
  • Connecting your channels to create sustainable competitive advantage
  • Improving satisfaction continuously
  • Developing accurate and comprehensive journey maps
  • Building a more people-centric culture across your company
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Enable Your Organization to Act Quickly to Improve Experiences

Customers can have a voice at all points in their digital interactions with you by simply clicking on the iconic feedback symbol [+]. Because their comments are captured verbatim, you can get honest, actionable insight into how people feel about their experience with your business.

Customers and employees can leave feedback at a variety of touchpoints, including website, mobile and location-based feedback.

People expect you to respond quickly and effectively to what they tell you. Through advanced analytics, text mining, and data visualization tools, Digital Feedback (formerly known as OpinionLab) can empower you to identify comments of significance and key experience trends — in the right context — to act quickly and with precision.

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Improve Your Customer and Employee Experience

To cultivate customer advocacy in today’s hypercompetitive market, your organization must continuously improve the quality and consistency of the experience it delivers. It can help you deliver an optimized experience, improve sales, gain loyal customers and employees, and increase customer lifetime value.

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