Customer Engagement Challenge: Improving Customer Experience

Reimagine your Customer Experience (CX) initiatives. Listen and act to create better experiences at every interaction.

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How do I understand every moment?

Today’s customer has higher expectations than ever before. They interact with you across many channels, and they leave signals everywhere about how they are feeling and what they want across their journey.

You may be listening to customer feedback on different channels and touchpoints, but if your listening programs are disconnected, the result is siloed data and insights, frustrated customers, increased costs and low efficiency.

We get it. We manage and analyze billions of customer interactions and signals every year and we’ve helped thousands of leading brands and small businesses address these problems to improve their CX.

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How do I create a unified CX program?

Whether you’re the Chief Customer Officer responsible for your organization’s customer experience, or the head of digital responsible for online channels, or the head of contact center or support operations, now is the time to rethink and connect your CX initiatives.

You need to:

  • Unify data sets with a connected view of every moment across channels in a single platform.
  • Proactively impact experiences with real-time predictive insights and automated actions.
  • Maximize brand retention with closed loop processes that drive experience improvements.

Our capture capabilities expand beyond survey data and voice conversations. We also capture and analyze text conversations with virtual assistants and understand behavioral data on mobile and web interactions to truly understand who, what, when, where, why and how of an interaction.

With Verint, all of these capabilities are available in a single unified cloud platform.

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How do I put CX at the center of our digital transformation initiatives?

A winning digital transformation strategy starts by understanding your customers’ wants and needs across all channels. Digital is increasingly the front door to your brand, but customers will reward those who provide open, consistent and personalized experiences. You need to:

  • Know customer needs at every point in their journey to improve digital contribution.
  • Prioritize investments to deliver results by creating digital services customers value.
  • Accelerate issue identification and resolution to exceed customer performance expectations.
    Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to uncover customer intentions and predict behavior.

When you capture and learn from actual customer voices, your digital transformation efforts can be informed by the fullest picture of your customers.

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