Forecasting and Scheduling

The right employees doing the right work at the right time. Find, retain and empower your employees with modern tools for the way we work today.

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Forecasting and Scheduling Customer Success

Verint partners with thousands of iconic brands to improve workforce management, engage customers and create differentiated experiences.

Customer Success Stories

What is forecasting and scheduling?

Move the needle on metrics that matter. Verint Forecasting and Scheduling solutions can provide immediate impact across a variety of key workforce management (WFM) metrics. Using our solutions, Verint customers have achieved:

  • Lower costs by eliminating overstaffing and unnecessary overtime
  • Reduced attrition rates and increased employee engagement
  • Improved customer experience by reducing time to answer, average handle time, first contact resolution, and total resolution time
Build the Contact Center of the Future
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Forecasting and Scheduling Product Line-up

  • Workforce Management for Enterprises Get to know the workforce management solution with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. It’s WFM made easy.
  • Workforce Engagement for Small and Medium Businesses Enhance Your Employee and Customer Experience with Superior Forecasting and Scheduling.
  • Back-Office Workforce Management Modern back offices are able to reduce costs while improving CX. Learn what better looks like.
  • Branch Workforce Management Allocate branch staff to meet your efficiency, sales, and customer service goals.
  • Verint Intelligent Interviewing Automated, intelligent candidate screening speeds up the hiring process and helps you find the right employees.

Forecasting & Scheduling Benefits

  • We get it. Life is more complicated than ever. 

    Your employees demand flexibility to balance their work responsibilities, busy lives and safety.

    Verint Workforce Management includes mobile apps for agents and supervisors. Employees can easily manage their schedule on the go. Automated approval rules empower agents to quickly make schedule adjustments from their devices. Verint Workforce Management includes:

    • Flex Time Off Requests
    • Task and Channel Switching
    • Shift Swaps


    Learn more: Verint Mobile applications

Simplifying contact center operations to keep agents and customers moving

Discover how U-Haul scales its contact center operations with forecasting and scheduling while empowering its agents to work anywhere.

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“The value of Verint to U-Haul expands every day. We wanted a software tool that was customizable to our needs….Verint has completely exceeded expectations.”

What challenges keep you up at night?

How much could you benefit if you resolved your customer engagement challenges? Our free Value Calculator can help you estimate the business value you could achieve with Verint.

Explore: Verint Value Calculator
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Workforce Management Sized for Your Business

Is your small or medium-sized business keeping up with customer demands in your contact center and help desk? You need a solution designed for businesses like you.

If you are still using spreadsheets to manually schedule staff, Verint Workforce Management Professional can help you simplify this complex task and reduce costs at the same time.

It gets even better. You get even more visibility around your activities by using our integrations with other applications, including:

  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Vonage
  • Amazon Connect
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Workforce Management for Back Office

Did you know the average company’s back office has far more employees than its contact center? If you aren’t currently using WFM software in your back office, you have a huge blind spot when it comes to efficiently managing your workforce.

Extending WFM into your back-office operations can enable you to:

  • Share resources between the front and back office to more cost effectively meet peaks in demand
  • Balance workloads across teams and functions to improve employee utilization and reduce overtime
  • Manage work items from beginning to end, identifying ways to streamline processes and speed turnaround times

Watch the Engage22 session, Playbook for Expanding WFM into the Back Office, to learn the differences in WFM in the contact center and back office and best practices for deploying WFM into back-office operations.

Build a Unified Workforce
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Get the Most from Your Branch Network

Poor branch experiences can seriously damage customer relationships. Branch Workforce Management solutions enable banks to forecast demand and schedule the right mix of bankers across the entire network to meet service, efficiency, and revenue goals. With Branch Workforce Management, you can:

  • Accurately predict customer demand and work content
  • Align staff roles and capacity with market opportunity
  • Increase sales and service effectiveness
  • Ensure the right bankers are in the right branches at the right time
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Forecasting and Scheduling Insights