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Customer and employee preferences are shifting. They still want to talk with you. Just in a different way. Through private or social messaging, brand communities, or other channels, Verint Digital-First Engagement Channels ensure you keep the conversations going.

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Verint Messaging & Verint Social

Verint Messaging & Verint Social enable brands to deliver digital customer engagement – through personalized conversations, smart automation, and actionable insights – across private messaging and social media channels. With Verint Messaging & Verint Social you can:

  • Powers consistent experiences across different messaging channels, in multiple languages, with full conversational context to help you prioritize, engage and resolve customer service queries.
  • Scale your customer conversations over social media and private messaging channels with bots that are built to make the phrase “Sorry, I don’t understand” a thing of the past.
  • Engage proactively by turning private messaging apps into two-way conversational marketing channels that drive meaningful interactions throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Keep your business aligned with your customer conversations through a customizable, open, and flexible analytics platform to measure your success.
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Verint Community

Verint Community empowers customers, partners, and employees with a flexible, customizable community and self-service tools that can drive real business value – better engagement, lower support costs, and increased revenue. Let us help your organization to:

  • Decrease support call volume by providing users the opportunity to self-serve, support one another, and share useful information.
  • Reduce marketing costs by generating relevant, SEO-friendly content that helps to improve organic website traffic and attract new customers.
  • Generate new ideas by engaging with a community of your most passionate customers.
  • Build a community that delivers the best value to your customers by using a range of intuitive APIs, widgets, and developer tools.
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The 2022 State of Digital Customer Experience Report

56% of customers under 45 prefer to reach out over digital channels, 78% of customers are loyal after receiving an amazing digital customer experience, and 46% of CX professionals say increasing personalization is their top priority in the next 12 months.

Download the full report to learn the other top 20+ market trends impacting customer experience in 2022 from your customers and competitors.

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Verint IVR

Your IVR (Interactive Voice Response) often provides the first point of contact with your brand. So why not make that first impression a good one? Verint IVR provides an intelligent, natural, and easy way for customers to self-serve. With IVR you can:

  • Maintain the highest standard for security and authentication with a flexible, cloud-based, natural language IVR that can handle all volume spikes with unlimited capacity and zero downtime.
  • Continual improvement to adapt and evolve with changing customer needs and business conditions.
  • Personalize experiences by combining natural language technologies with Verint’s expert services to improve call intent determination.
  • Identify and eliminate fraud in your IVR channel while also delivering a safer, faster authentication process with Verint Call Risk Scoring
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Verint Chat

Customers want their service-related issues resolved on the channels of their choice – digital. Verint Chat empowers you to connect directly with customers and provide fast, scalable, and personalized experiences. With intelligent routing and vast integration capabilities, you can capitalize on every customer conversation.

Verint Chat allows you to:

  • Deliver customer service ROI with better agent efficiency
  • Provide seamless customer engagement through self-service
  • Engage proactively throughout the customer journey
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Verint Email

Customers expect to contact your organization via email and receive answers to their questions quickly, reliably, and consistently. Verint Email helps organizations meet the demand for smart, efficient email management. By automating the process of capturing, documenting, interpreting, routing, and prescribing answers to customer emails, you can respond faster and more consistently, with less agent training.

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  • Communities Empower customers, partners and employees with a flexible, customizable community and self-service tools that can drive real business value: better engagement, lower support costs and higher sales.
  • Private Messaging Channels Provide a continuous conversation between consumers and your brand. Solution centers around real-time private messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Messages for Business.
  • Public Social Channels Deliver digital-first customer engagement – through personalized conversations, smart automation and actionable insights – across all major social media platforms.
  • Chat and Email Channels Immediately connect customers to the right agents to assist them. It helps reduce abandonment and cost to serve while enhancing service.
  • IVR / Voice Self-service An intelligent, natural, and easy way for customers to self-serve. Improve experiences, boost brand loyalty, and reduce costs.
  • Call Risk Scoring Service Detect fraudulent behavior in your IVR before fraudsters can social engineer your agents and long before the fraud event takes place.

Industry Recognition

  • 2021 Top 100 Companies that Matter

  • Market Guide for B2B Customer Community Platforms, 2021

  • 2021 Industry Leader Awards

Part of the Verint Cloud Platform

Verint Cloud Platform elevates every experience with an open approach to customer engagement. Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI & Analytics, the platform includes Workforce Engagement, Digital-First Engagement, and Experience Management.

The Verint Cloud Platform works with your existing ecosystem to close the Engagement Capacity Gap while seamlessly delivering experiences across channels and uniquely supporting your workforce of humans and bots at scale.

Verint Cloud Platform
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FAQs on Customer Engagement Channels

Omnichannel customer engagement is the practice of using multiple channels to reach and engage customers. This might include channels like email, social media, phone, or web. The goal is to provide a seamless experience for customers no matter how they choose to engage with you.