Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform

Connect your data across the enterprise and provide much-needed clarity into your performance. Elevate your customer engagement strategy and find ways to put your employees’ talents to best use.

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An open approach to customer engagement

While it’s optimized for Verint’s cloud-based solutions, Verint Cloud Platform seamlessly connects to your unique enterprise cloud ecosystem and extends capabilities so you can:

  • Easily integrate with leading communication infrastructure solutions
  • Augment your CRM solution to enable richer engagement
  • Connect the Verint platform with your full enterprise ecosystem through a rich set of APIs
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The Customer Engagement Gap

As consumers shift to digital channels, brands like yours are facing an increasing number of interactions and skyrocketing expectations. You have a limited set of resources to engage with customers. This widening gap between expectations and results is the Engagement Capacity Gap.

Verint Cloud Platform closes the Engagement Capacity Gap by enabling you to quickly adopt automated solutions that delight customers throughout their journey and on their terms—when and where they want to purchase, interact, and receive service.

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Calling all CX Artisans, Masterminds, and Innovators!

We are excited to draw together CX luminaries at Verint Engage 2023. Join us to experience a wide range of session topics to be covered at our conference—from Elevating Experience Management to Delivering Value with AI & Analytics and much more.

Whether you’re in the contact center, back office, branch, compliance, customer experience, digital marketing, IT, or operations, this is the event for you. Hear about the latest big ideas and bold innovations.

From thought leadership to immersive demos to networking, it’s a full palette of all things customer engagement.

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With Verint Cloud Platform you can:

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Product Line-up

  • Workforce Engagement Leapfrog the competition with AI-powered tools built for the future of your workforce. Engage and manage your contact center, back office and branch teams.
  • Digital-First Engagement Seamlessly provide your customers with the right experience at the right moment on their channel of choice.
  • Experience Management Engage with your customers and employees to capture, analyze, and act on their feedback in a closed-loop process across the entire organization.
  • Engagement Data Management It is imperative to understand your customer engagements across all channels and communication modes. Make all of your interaction and experience data available for analysis in a unified and cohesive way.
  • AI and Analytics Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics activates insights and automates experiences across your business.

Powered by Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics

Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics is infused with advanced machine learning models, natural language processing, intent recognition models, predictive modeling, and analytics engines. It’s the engine that enables Verint Cloud Platform to:

  • Convert unstructured data to intelligence and action
  • Use machine learning to improve business processes
  • Understand customer and employee sentiment and trends
  • Determine customer intent of a verbal or written conversation
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Pacesetter

  • 10b

    10 billion customer interactions per year managed by Verint customers

  • 90k

    90,000 natural language understanding intents for Verint AI solutions

  • 500+

    500+ patents and patent applications across the Verint portfolio

Industry Recognition

  • Named leader for worldwide conversational AI software platforms for general-purpose use cases (2021)

  • Verint named a Leader by Gartner, Inc. in the Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management (2021)

  • Top customer satisfaction scores from DMG Consulting’s 2020 Interaction Analytics Report