Total Quality for Customer Engagement

Traditional quality programs are no longer enough. Elevate your call center service quality. Monitor up to 100% of interactions across all voice, digital, and bot channels. Add customer feedback and agent coaching in the moment. Drive employee engagement, performance improvement, compliance, and an exceptional customer experience.

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Top 5 Customer Service Quality Challenges

  • Meeting high customer expectations

    65% of consumers moved to a competitor after receiving a poor customer experience. Yet, customer feedback is rarely integrated in quality programs.

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  • Monitoring all customer interactions

    More than 97% of interactions go unmonitored. Non-voice, digital and bot interactions are often not reviewed at all.

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  • Providing objective agent feedback

    Using consistent, non-biased performance feedback and guidance to handle challenging calls as they happen helps you tackle agent attrition and improve coaching.

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  • Managing compliance risks

    Failing to identify non-compliance with processes and regulations leads to poor customer service, reputational damage, fines, and penalties.

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  • Maximizing agent performance

    Providing real-time agent guidance through challenging calls improves interaction quality, enhances agent performance, and drives better customer experiences.

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Is your quality program deceiving you?

Unless you’re reviewing all of your agent and digital interactions, you’re missing important insights into the quality and compliance of your customer service. Blind spots in your quality program conceal compliance pitfalls and opportunities for process optimization, agent coaching, and CX improvement. These can lead to:

  • Loss of business due to poor customer experience
  • Penalties for non-compliance with regulations
  • Costly, suboptimal processes and inefficient operations
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What is Total Quality for customer engagement?

Verint Total Quality is a unique approach to improve employee and bot performance, compliance, and customer experience across all customer service channels. Drive automated, real-time coaching and actionable insights and make service quality management much more than a tick-in-the-box exercise.

Gain a more comprehensive picture of your service across all customer touchpoints.  So you can…

  • Elevate quality across your organization
  • Improve regulatory compliance for GDPR, PCI-DSS, FDCPA, HIPAA, and more
  • Boost employee engagement and agent training
  • Guide employees in the moment to achieve positive outcomes
  • Integrate interaction feedback into your quality program
  • Enhance the overall customer experience
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Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap

As customers turn to digital channels and the numbers of interactions rise, keeping on top of customer service quality and compliance with regulations becomes more difficult. At the same time, the gap between what your quality and compliance program can achieve and the risks to your business and reputation gets bigger.

Verint Total Quality empowers you with tools to improve service and compliance, allowing you to close the Engagement Capacity Gap™.

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Elements of Total Quality

  • Do quality audits make you feel nervous?

    Are you only reviewing a portion of your agent and bot interactions?

    Not knowing what’s lurking in your unmonitored customer communications can lead to unwelcome issues including fines and penalties. Why not shed light on 100% of voice- and text-based interactions in your call center, back-office, chatbots and social media?

    Move from random call sampling to an omnichannel quality program

    Verint Automated Quality Management can help you evaluate up to 100% of your captured human and bot interactions across all communication channels. The solution will enable you to:

    • Autoscore up to 100% of your interactions regardless of channel
    • Spot process flaws and compliance issues
    • Automatically assign agent training
    • Reallocate resources from manual sampling to more strategic tasks such as coaching


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How to improve quality assurance in your call center?

Five tips to improve service quality, customer experience, employee engagement, and compliance.

  • Add text, digital, and bot interactions

    Extend your quality program beyond traditional voice call monitoring. Add digital and bot communications to your strategy.

  • Review 100% of interactions

    Monitor and evaluate each human and bot interaction across all your customer communication channels.

  • Bring customer feedback into your quality program

    Include your customers’ view of service quality across all touchpoints and integrate it to your quality program.

  • A real-time, proactive approach to quality

    Arm your agents with relevant information to handle complex calls with on-screen guidance and contextual knowledge.

  • Automated assignment of agent coaching

    Receive critical alerts when service quality drops and take corrective actions on the spot.

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