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The imperative to understand your customer engagements — across all channels and communication modes — has never been greater. Make all of your interaction and experience data available for analysis in a unified and cohesive way.

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As new digital communication channels explode, you’re interacting with customers in new ways and places. These interactions and feedback can be hugely valuable to your business success, but are often locked away in silos of incompatible data. Watch to learn how the Verint Engagement Data Hub addresses this problem, consolidating customer engagement data and unleashing its full power.

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Customer engagement with data done right

Your business is awash with data – from voice calls, digital interactions and customer feedback surveys.

But the volume of interactions, the proliferation of communication channels, and the data silos they create, make it really hard to gain cohesive, meaningful insights into why, where and how performance can be improved.

Do you have access to all the customer and engagement data that will drive your business?

It is imperative you have a unified view in order to make sound, data-driven decisions that will drive your business success.

Watch: The Challenges of Managing Customer Engagement Data
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Engagement Data Management’s purpose-built data hub:

  • Brings all your interaction data, including from external sources, together in one place
  • Harmonizes the diverse data types into a cohesive whole
  • Allows you to enrich this data to add more value
  • Supports data integration, management and compliance, out-of-the-box
  • Provides an open foundation for building new apps and workflows
  • Allows data export from your engagement data hub free-of-charge.
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What if…

…forming a complete picture of your customer engagements meant collecting recorded calls and captured digital interactions from thousands of agents, using different contact center systems, and dozens of self-service, chat and other digital channels?

What if that data needed to be enriched with customer identifiers, account information and order history – all held in other systems? Would you be able to deliver the clear and accurate data your executives need?

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Extract meaningful insights across all touchpoints

The problem is that there are so many interactions occurring, in so many different places.

These interactions are increasingly digital, but can drift back into voice calls and bounce across other channels. This spreads their data across multiple systems and unconnected data silos.

However capable your CRM, CCaaS, UCaaS, Chat and Survey solutions are, none of them offers one place to capture and manage the data generated by all those channels. This means your view of customer engagement is incomplete, requiring you to piece together data and align analysis from multiple systems.

All this makes it really difficult – maybe even impossible – to extract meaningful intelligence and insights that encompass all those different customer touchpoints.

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With an Engagement Data Hub you can...

Verint Engagement Data Management makes it easy for you to build an engagement data hub that brings together all your interaction and experience data in one place. Data from billions of engagements – captured across different channels  – is harmonized to make it easier to analyze and work with.

Here the data can be enriched to create cohesive, multi-channel interactions that can reveal insights which were previously hidden and make them available to managers, strategists and executives across your organization.

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Your Customer Engagement Data Hub

  • The Customer Engagement Data Hub

    Verint Engagement Data Management is built on the Verint Customer Engagement Platform, where it can operate independently OR in tandem with our Experience Management solutions. Together, Engagement Data Management and Experience Management create a unified Customer Engagement Data Hub, supported by the Verint Cloud Platform and our Da Vinci AI and Analytics capabilities.

Data enrichment - your way

As well as allowing you to use your choice of analytics tools to generate additional enrichment data, you can also select from a menu of Verint enrichment options, including:

  • CTI Integrations — Add IVR and call-related data including customer identity, call holds, transfers, and duration.
  • Speech Transcription and Enhanced Speech Transcription — Transcribe speech to text.
  • Audio Quality Statistics — Identify gaps or audio quality issues for quality assurance and compliance.
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Crack the customer engagement data challenge

Managing many different data types and sources – for data access, retention, security, and export – can be hard.

Take the hard work out of data management. Manage data lifecycles and enforce data access with granular controls. Engagement Data Management provides configurable workflows to audit data access and manage data retention. Your policies are applied and monitored across all interaction and experience data, while comprehensive APIs and adapters allow free export to your data lake and other applications.

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If you think compliance is expensive…

…try non-compliance!

Creating a culture of compliance is essential. Whether you’re addressing data protection regulations such as the GDPR, or answering industry-specific expectations, non-compliance can be painful and expensive!

Improve compliance and reduce risk with unified data management, governance, and security. Support compliance with data regulations such as PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, MiFID II and others.

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Make compliance a strategic advantage

It’s much easier to enforce common compliance standards when you do so in one place. By bringing all your customer engagement data together, Engagement Data Management does just that. It provides configurable workflows to manage data storage and retention, data access, and preserve data for litigation hold, investigations and regulatory audits.

Optional modules are available for:

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Featured Engagement Data Management Solutions

  • Automated Verification Foster compliance assurance and deliver improved operational value for your business.
  • Enterprise Recording Capture interactions and retrieve recordings quickly, even in unstructured content, to reduce effort, track trends, mitigate liability, and enhance compliance.
  • Passive Voice Biometrics Use voice biometrics and predictive analytics to verify customers and detect fraudsters during live calls.
  • Recording for Public Safety Record, archive and retrieve interactions across multiple channels, reconstruct incidents, and comply with emerging standards.
  • Text Analytics Extract actionable business intelligence from unstructured text data like chat, email, survey comments and social media using advanced automation and AI.
  • Financial Compliance Capture Transform your compliance operations and confidently navigate through financial services and trading regulations.