Elevate your customer engagement strategy with Verint Cloud Platform

Keep the benefits of your existing solutions while seamlessly moving to the cloud

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Cloud Customer Engagement Starts Here

Start innovating faster and avoid upgrade hassles. Create amazing customer experiences, drive deeper loyalty, and separate your business from the pack.

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Award Winning Solutions

The future is here. A massive wave of innovation has swept across the customer engagement landscape. Has your IT environment kept pace?

Have you embraced the latest upgrades to unleash new levels of automation, service and employee engagement? If not, Verint is ready to get you there. Now.

Verint delivers cloud innovations quickly and frequently, without lengthy time- and resource-consuming upgrades.

But don’t take our word for it.

Leading brands rely on Verint to engage with customers and power more than billion cloud customer interactions per year. Additionally, Gartner, Forrester, and many others have given Verint top honors.

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A New Approach to Openness

Today, 51% of contact center professionals say they face challenges with integration when moving to the cloud. With Verint, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Your move to the cloud doesn’t need to sacrifice openness or create integration chaos. Selecting a platform built with an API-first approach can support your current investments while enabling you to modernize at a speed that works for you.

How do we do it?

We designed our solutions to be open and vendor neutral. For instance, you can enjoy full ACD neutrality and realize the benefits of improved CX and lower costs without disrupting your telephony infrastructure. Our APIs also enable integration with a variety of CRM systems. We provide you with the maximum flexibility to manage your business.

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ACD Neutrality

Pick the customer engagement solution that’s right for you. Regardless of what ACD, PBX or CCaaS system is used to route and queue your calls, you need the flexibility to meet your broader business needs.

For instance, some vendors force you to buy their workforce optimization product, regardless of its feature limitations, when you buy their telephony product. We take a dramatically more open and flexible approach to partnering.

Remember, just because a vendor makes a good ACD system doesn’t mean the rest of their customer engagement portfolio will meet your needs or your customers’ needs.

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Verint’s Customers: Cloud Innovators

Secure and Reliable

With Verint in the cloud, you enjoy a more secure, reliable and powerful experience. Advantages include:

  • Experience new releases without upgrade expenses or hassle
  • Add more users or enable new features quickly
  • Reduce the financial and technical burden on your IT organization
  • Strengthen security, performance and reliability
  • Leverage market-leading high availability platform

We deliver the same capabilities for cloud and on-premises.

That means you never have to settle for feature limitations when moving to the cloud.

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Proven Cloud ROI and TCO Analysis

With our free return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) estimate, you can understand how to reduce costs moving from on-premises software to Verint in the cloud.

We can help you:

  • Understand the “hidden iceberg” costs of your on-premises solution
  • Quantify technical and business savings of moving to the cloud
  • Get a year-by-year comparison of the costs for an on-premises and cloud solution and the savings of cloud over five years
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Solutions to Help You Succeed

Workforce Engagement: Keep employees engaged, motivated, and informed with a comprehensive set of solutions for delivering great customer service.

Self-Service: Leverage intelligent chatbots to make self-service simple and effective so customers and agents succeed. Create a conversational experience consistent across voice and digital channels.

Experience Management: You need to listen, analyze and act on VoC across channels to deliver standout omnichannel journeys. Verint provides you with a connected view of the customer.

Compliance Solutions: Support your compliance with internal standards and regulatory requirements including data protection laws and industry-specific governance.

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