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Create positive outcomes for your customers by giving your employees the answers and guidance they need – when they need it.

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What is Real-Time Coaching?

Today’s workforce is expected to handle complex interactions across a variety of topics with speed, accuracy and empathy. Traditionally, supervisors could only help agents by coaching them on a small sample of interactions several days after they occurred.

With Real-Time Coaching, agents can receive in the moment advice, targeted to the KPIs where they are struggling. This coaching is immediately actionable and available on all interactions.  When KPIs improve, the targeted coaching can be removed.

Real-Time Coaching improves the quality of interactions across channels and gives agents the assistance they need to drive positive outcomes.

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Real-Time Work Product Line-up

  • Real-Time Assist Today’s agents need real-time assistance to drive positive outcomes for complex customer calls. Help your agents in the moment.
  • Real-Time Coaching Don’t wait until an interaction is over to coach your agents. Reduce average handle time, improve service quality, enhance customer experience, and achieve better compliance.

Modern tools for at-home workers

Real-time assistance for agents is more critical now than ever before. With many contact center agents working from home, it is more difficult to monitor them and more difficult for them to summon assistance when needed.

Verint Real-Time Work provides the monitoring and assistance your agents need, so you can:

  • Present relevant knowledge without searching
  • Proactively guide agents through compliant workflows
  • Reduce handle time, improve first contact resolution, and more
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The right knowledge without searching

By combining Verint Real-Time Agent Assist with Verint Knowledge Management, organizations can deliver contextually relevant knowledge articles to agents in real-time.

The application analyzes the words spoken as a call is occurring, and automatically presents knowledge articles relevant to the words in the conversation. With Real-Time Agent Assist and Knowledge Management, you can deliver:

  • Reduced handle time
  • Improved first contact resolution
  • Decreased agent training time

Both solutions are available as part of Verint’s Customer Engagement platform.

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Using Verint Real-Time Agent Assist to keep the needs of customers at the center of every engagement and transaction

When Florius, a leading financial services company in the Netherlands set out to digitally transform their customer service, they knew that being able surface intelligent insights from calls and offer assistance in real-time would provide the key to success.

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'While an employee is talking to a customer, [Verint Real-Time Agent Assist] directly provides them with up-to-date information based on what is being discussed.”

Targeted assistance for complaints and escalations

Verint Real-Time Agent Assist for Complaints and Escalations helps organizations identify and respond in real-time to calls with escalations or complaints.

Our innovative Speech Analytics engine automatically detects words and phrases indicating these call types. Employees and managers receive automated assistance and guidance in real-time with a customized popup and or email notification that can impact the outcome of the call.

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Be Proactive about Compliance

Verint Compliance Triggers is an innovative, cloud-based solution that provides contact centers assurance that they are staying in compliance during their interactions. The solution can trigger actions based on real-time desktop events to help ensure compliance, such as:

  • Automatically pausing and resuming a call or interaction while credit card information is being shared
  • Generating real-time perfectly timed pop-up alerts on agent desktops with process step reminders
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