Quality Monitoring Software and Compliance Solutions

How you handle every call or digital interaction is a direct reflection of your organization to the customer. Ensuring every call is consistently of the highest quality is essential to success.

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Our Quality and Compliance Customers

A proactive, risk-based approach to quality pinpoints what large-scale brands need when identifying and resolving issues quickly while driving continuous coverage for improvement.

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What is Quality and Compliance?

Verint Quality and Compliance solutions empower you with tools to improve service and compliance, allowing you to close the Engagement Capacity Gap.

As customers turn to digital channels and interactions rise, keeping on top of quality and compliance becomes more difficult. The gap between what your quality and compliance program can achieve, and the risks to your reputation gets bigger.

A total quality program can help you improve customer service and avoid hefty fines and penalties.

  • Review up to 100% of interactions across multiple channels
  • Uncover coaching and training requirements
  • Proactively improve the performance of employees and bots
  • Take real-time action that is informed by strategic insight
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Featured Quality and Compliance Solutions

  • Total Quality for Customer Engagement Monitor up to 100% of interactions across all voice, digital, and bot channels. Drive employee engagement, performance improvement, compliance, and an exceptional customer experience.
  • Quality Management and AQM Screening a small percentage of calls may leave non-compliant interactions hidden, and risk fines, lost business or worse. Verint can help.
  • Financial Compliance Transform your compliance operations and confidently navigate through financial services and trading regulations.

“Your call will be recorded for quality…”

Familiar words. But what about interactions with bots? Or in other digital channels? Voice is only one of many channels these days. Investing in top-notch customer service retains customers and extracts more value from them. You can recoup customer acquisition costs while cultivating a loyal, brand advocate that refers customers, serves as a case study asset, and provides verifiable testimonials. Assessing the quality of your customer service requires:

  • Measuring quality across all communication channels
  • Incorporating post-service feedback
  • Holistic insights that enable real-time action
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Quality Monitoring Software and Compliance Solutions

How you handle every call or digital interaction is a direct reflection of your organization to the customer. Ensuring every call is consistently of the highest quality is essential to success.

Read this Ventana report to learn about the changing landscape of Quality Management, including automation, customer and agent feedback, and the advancement of AI technology.

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Verint compliance solutions

Reliable and robust compliance with service standards and regulatory procedures can elevate the quality of customer service. And ensuring that your service is of the highest quality aids compliance.

Building an ecosystem based on compliance solutions and making internal and external regulatory requirements are other positive components of your customer engagement strategy. Verint solutions are uniquely able to help you deliver, analyze and manage both, for world-class customer engagement across ALL channels.

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What if...

… your quality and compliance reviews are failing to reveal widespread customer service issues? Or millions of dollars in potential regulatory penalties? If your organization is only reviewing 1-3% of interactions this is a real concern. Avoid these pitfalls with a modern quality program that can:

  • Increase sample size, up to 100% of interactions
  • Review interactions across multiple channels
  • Uncover coaching and training requirements
  • Identify system and procedural shortfalls

Verint automates the scope of the entire quality monitoring management process to achieve better compliance to your organization’s standards.

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Actionable performance scorecards

With Verint Quality Management Scorecards, you’ll gain insight into what employees are doing, how effectively they’re performing, and where they need to sharpen their skills, giving you the insight to tie quality results of individuals and teams to company goals. Reducing compliance risks offers elevated observation and consistency versus random sampling. Quality Management Scorecards provides:

  • Automated workflows to assign coaching sessions for auto-fail questions
  • Insight into quality behavior down to the question level
  • Pre-built integrations into multiple 3rd party sources for external KPIs
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Improving customer experiences

You may be reviewing interactions for quality and compliance, but are the results actively helping you improve your customer’s experience?

By including post-interaction customer feedback in your quality KPIs, you can ensure your agents don’t just do the job right – but also do the right job for your customers.

The benefits of our quality monitoring software generate improvements in customer retention while driving better customer experiences, employee experiences and results.

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The Verint Quality and Compliance Maturity Model

Level 1 – Traditional Voice
Traditional quality programs carry out manual evaluations of voice calls only, with coaching based on subjective assessments of employee needs. The challenges posed by this approach have forced a re-evaluation of the maturity model for quality and compliance management.

Level 2 – Omnichannel and Chatbots
Verint’s core quality management and compliance solutions natively allow you to embrace bots and digital channels and so move beyond manual evaluation and traditional coaching, to Level 2. This helps improve the quality, efficiency and compliance of interactions across all channels and modalities.

Level 3 – Analytics and Experience
Carrying out automated quality evaluation and incorporating customer feedback helps you move to Level 3. Here you are able to understand agent and bot behavior and performance on every interaction, as well as the customer’s view of quality. With the addition of AI and analytics it is possible to understand trends in the performance of employees and bots and in customer experience and answer the questions you didn’t know to ask.

Level 4 – Real-time Guidance
Automating the evaluation of EVERY agent and bot interaction – and marrying these insights with customer feedback – can deliver revolutionary improvements and provide the strategic insights needed to take real-time action and move to Level 4. Here you will go beyond coaching and learning “after-the-fact” and start providing assistance and coaching “in-the-moment”. Enabling you to improve compliance and performance on each and every interaction.

The Secret to Boosting Quality and Agent Performance

Real-Time Coaching can provide assistance to agents in-the-moment. This advanced technology can:

  • Automatically provide contextual knowledge to improve accuracy and consistency
  • Provide behavioral guidance to promote increased empathy and reduce customer churn
  • Proactively prevent quality and compliance problems from occuring
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