Government & Public Sector Solutions

Across all tiers of government, the public sector delivers a range of vital services. Citizens are demanding better service, greater efficiency, and rapid change. Verint helps you deliver boundless citizen engagement across federal/national, state, regional and local governments.

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Leading Public Sector Organizations Rely on Verint

The Citizen Engagement Challenge

Citizens and employees increasingly expect your contact center/311 service to offer modern, digital and self-service channels in addition to traditional modes of communication.

Understanding how they want to engage with government is critical to providing what they need and enabling your employees to assist them in the best ways possible.

Digital First Citizen Service
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Boundless Citizen Engagement

Government and public sector organizations share an objective: to deliver modern and digital-first services to their communities. Reaching the right citizens with the right support, efficiently and cost-effectively. At the same time, they must cope with rapid operational and policy changes and comply with stringent security and compliance requirements.

Making effective, proper, and ethical use of public resources, while accelerating the adoption of new approaches to service delivery, creates significant demands on your organization. Verint can help.

Public Sector Case Studies
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Verint Solutions for Public Sector Organizations

Verint offers solutions to meet the needs of government and public sector organizations of all sizes.

  • Citizen Engagement Take control of both self-service and assisted-service with engagement management solutions that help you deliver across any channel.
  • Public Safety Compliance Capture, retrieve, and archive voice, screen, video, mobile, face-to-face, and text interactions. Gain deeper insight into emergency response, public safety, and control room operations.
  • Workforce Optimization Increase employee productivity, automate activities, and drive process consistency while reducing costs. Plan, forecast, and align your team to help achieve service delivery goals.
  • Verint Communities Engage and listen to citizens and employees on an ongoing basis. Understand their motivation, satisfaction, and interest levels; and use this insight to cultivate better experiences for them.
  • Fraud and Identity Analytics Enhance authentication using voice biometrics solutions to verify callers in real time, making interactions easier, faster, and more secure. Minimize fraudulent activity in both voice self-service and voice assisted interactions.

Improving Public Services

  • Hearing the Voice of the People

    Designing and delivering services from the citizen’s perspective helps ensure they find their way to the right people.

    Our experience management platform delivers insights from every citizen experience in one unified view, giving you key information to take action that improves service uptake and citizen satisfaction.

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