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Leapfrog the competition with AI-powered tools built for the future of your workforce. Engage and manage your contact center, back office and branch teams.

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What is Workforce Engagement?

Today’s workforce includes humans and bots handling multiple complex requests across diverse channels and multiple locations. With Workforce Engagement, you can:

  • Balance employee schedule flexibility with optimal staffing levels
  • Measure and improve the quality and compliance of interactions
  • Gather rich insights about conversations across all engagement channels
  • Provide AI-powered assistance in real-time for optimal outcomes
Make Better Use of Your Workforce
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Workforce Engagement Product Line-up

  • Forecasting and Scheduling The right employees doing the right work at the right time. Find, retain and empower your employees with modern tools for the way we work today.
  • Interactions Insights Surface meaningful insights across voice and text channels to lower costs and improve customer experience.
  • Real-Time Work Create positive outcomes for your customers by giving your employees the answers and guidance they need – when they need it.
  • Quality and Compliance How you handle every interaction is a direct reflection of your organization to the customer. Ensuring every conversation is consistently of the highest quality is essential to success.

What challenges keep you up at night?

How much could you benefit if you resolved your customer engagement challenges? Our free Value Calculator can help you estimate the business value you could achieve with Verint.


Explore: Verint Value Calculator
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Simplifying contact center operations to keep agents and customers moving

Discover how U-Haul scales its contact center operations with forecasting and scheduling while empowering its agents to work anywhere.

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“The value of Verint to U-Haul expands every day. We wanted a software tool that was customizable to our needs….Verint has completely exceeded expectations.”

Workforce Engagement Recognition

  • Verint named a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management (2021)

  • Forrester names Verint a leader in the Forrester Wave for Workforce Optimization Platforms (Q4 2021)

  • Leader in Conversational Intelligence by Opus Research (2021)

Customer behavior has changed

Are you struggling to close the Engagement Capacity Gap™?

Customers want fast, personalized service on the channel of their choice. With digital channels, customer engagement is happening across the enterprise but, your workforce is expected to do more with less. To meet customer expectations, every single interaction needs to be optimized with automation and AI.

Verint Workforce Engagement solutions, part of the Verint cloud Platform, are designed to close the widening engagement capacity gap.

Download the Engagement Capacity Gap study

Employees have changed, too

The nature of work has changed. Employees want to work anytime, anywhere, with the flexibility to balance work and home obligations. They want modern interfaces that are easy to use.

Now that applicants can look virtually anywhere to find an employer, organizations offering the best employee experience will attract and retain the top talent, leaving others behind.

Verint Workforce Engagement addresses these changes to give you a competitive advantage.

Tips to Survive the Great Resignation
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According to Forrester Research: A composite Verint customer received a 391% ROI over three years and:

  • 44%

    Reduction of customer engagement operating costs.

  • 43%

    Reduction of the average handle time of calls.

  • 35% to 27%

    Improvement in employee turnover rates.
    (*Forrester Research, “The Total Economic Impact of Verint,” June 2021)

Workforce Engagement Benefits

  • Verint’s AI-powered Forecasting and Scheduling solutions let you optimize your staffing across all engagement channels, as well as your back office and branch locations.

    Discover the future of work where you can:

    • Schedule work for bots as well as humans
    • Support the new work-from-anywhere paradigm
    • Allow employees to pick up shifts or request time off
    • Maximize scheduling flexibility for gig workers
    • Digitize and automate elements of the hiring process
    • Manage your back office and branch workers together


    Learn more: Forecasting and Scheduling

Workforce Engagement is Powered by Verint Da Vinci™ AI and Analytics

Infused with advanced machine learning models, natural language processing, intent recognition, predictive modeling, and analytics engines, Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics activates insights and automates experiences.

Built on customer engagement data from billions of real-world interactions and expertise from Verint AI Labs, Verint Da Vinci drives solutions within the Verint Cloud Platform.

Are you ready to turn your AI ambitions into meaningful and measurable outcomes?

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