Corporate Responsibility

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At Verint, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner and to creating value for all of our stakeholders: customers and partners, employees and shareholders, the communities in which we work and the global community at large. This commitment and Verint’s core values — integrity, innovation, transparency, humility and passion — provide the foundation on which our corporate responsibility program is built.

Encouraging our employees to make the most of their skills.

We strive for success in all that we do.

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Verint ESG Report

Read Verint’s 2020 ESG Report here.  This report details the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) sustainability policies and programs that underscore the company’s ongoing commitment to creating value and making a positive and lasting impact for its employees, customers, shareholders, and community. Our ESG Report provides additional information on our ESG efforts, including our Next Generation program, our commitment to our employees and steps we are taking to minimize our environmental impact.  Learn more in the Verint ESG Report.

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Protecting Our Planet

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Verint Next Generation

At Verint, we are committed to “giving back” to the communities in which we live and work. In 2005, we launched the Verint Next Generation program, which engages Verint employees around the globe in projects that benefit children in need.

As part of our Next Generation initiative, Verint employees engage in a wealth of community activities, from supplying food pantries and participating in blood drives to collecting clothing and school supplies, building playgrounds, cleaning parks, and planting gardens.

Verint is proud to support our employees’ community service activities with programs for donating employee time to qualified children’s organizations and matching grants.  The Verint Next Generation Program puts Verint Values to work in our local communities, with the goal of affording the next generation greater opportunities and the tools for making the most of them.

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