Voice Survey

What do customers really think about your business? It’s a deceptively simple question and one of your biggest challenges in today’s highly competitive market.

Capture key information and analytics with surveys

Verint Voice Survey delivers customers short, context-sensitive and dynamic voice surveys via IVR immediately after their interactions with agents.

It can capture key customer information while providing comprehensive analytics to help reveal the effectiveness of your people, products and processes. Armed with this insight, you can take decisive action to drive discernible business benefits.

Surveys are customizable and delivered based on business rules that you define. Customers tell you what they’re thinking in their own words — helping you understand and improve the experiences your organization delivers.

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Move beyond sampling to capture meaningful data

With intelligent, context-based and timely surveys, you can engage customers and collect response rates far greater than those obtained through traditional, one-size-fits-all questionnaires.

One client, a leading global cruise line, leveraged the solution to boost its survey participation rate to 25 to 30% — well above the industry average.

Voice Survey can help you move beyond mere sampling to capture meaningful data — even with large numbers of customers across multiples sites.

Comprehensive analytics and reporting can help you fully understand the customer experience and take action to improve agent performance and engagement, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Facilitate timely action with optimal usability

Voice Survey lets you define rules to automatically trigger alerts that send context-rich information to the right person. Data access can be aligned to your organizational hierarchy for fast, secure and automated visibility and analysis.

Links to actual recordings enable you to drill down to specific calls for deeper insight. This precision can help you close the loop on individual interactions, initiate agent training or restructure teams to align with demand.

Ease of use is at the foundation of Voice Survey. Building a survey is simple — just select a template and add your own questions, or choose from a library of question types.

The solution also provides extensive, real-time reporting. Reports are easy to create and can be emailed directly from the solution’s interface, allowing for a timely response.